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At Vision Quest we do not view IT as a mere expense, and, in keeping with this view, we provide our Business IT Consulting Service to clients who carefully consider how to invest (human and financial resources) in IT for the benefit of the business as a whole.

Our Business IT Consulting Service is aimed at middle and top management, and starts with consultation on the relationship between business strategy and IT. Our aim is to help you formulate a Business Strategy by showing you why IT should be an integral part of, and how to incorporate IT into, that strategy. Moreover, we can advise you on how to create a detailed "ground-level" Business Plan based on this strategy, create and use Business Scenarios to help you manage the execution of the plan, make effective use of your resources, and carry out a review and evaluation of the end result. As a final step, if the possibility arises, we can also help you design and create a Business Model and make an application for a business patent.

Only Vision Quest - with its broadly experienced and top level consultants - offers such a specialist and integrated service.

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