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Developments in Information Technology occur more rapidly than has been experienced by people in any other industry. Vision Quest is a committed team of professionals who keep abreast of these developments, and strive to understand each client's business, guaranteeing maximum satisfaction and achieving relationships of mutual trust.

Vision Quest's client base is wide ranging, including not only corporate users, but having diversified to include hardware and software makers & vendors, publishers and the mass media.

At Vision Quest we aim to assist our clients in building an optimal system environment and offer a broad range of specialist IT related services, ranging from Consulting Services to Help Desk Services & PC Training. Our consulting services include marketing and promotions for IT related companies, PR, product development, exhibitions and e-Business strategy, systems and infrastructure design, and project management for all of these.


[November 17, 2003]
Opening of Government-Private business start-up support portal "Sogyo Navi"
(Japanese only)

[June 2003]
Nikkei IT Professional
June 2003 Issue (p.44-48): Special Article
"The Need for Innovative Thinking and the Pursuit of Technical Knowledge"
(Japanese only)
Masayuki Sassa (Company President)

[September 2002]
September 2002 Issue: Cover Story
"'A Third Way to Watch the World Cup' on a 3m Tall and 16m Wide Elongated Screen" (Japanese only)
Masayuki Sassa (Company President)

[July 2002]
Nikkei Information Strategy
July 2002 Issue (p.290): Key Person Interview
"How Well Prepared Are We for the World Cup?" (Japanese only)
Masayuki Sassa (Company President)

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